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  • CV/Res & SOP creation (We DO NOT use fake CV/SOP templates!)

  • Consulting (We let you go to ANY university) 

  • Scholarships, university tests and interviews- (expert help)

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VIP CV/Resume/SOP editing and interviews.

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Stephen Charles (MEd, BSc, Dip, Celta)

I hold teaching experience, at NCKU and for IELTS and GRE.
I hold a diploma, BSc and Masters degree in education. 
My master's degree focused on developing new writing and speaking techniques to improve my students learning outcomes.
My students all happily study in the UK, USA and Australia.

Unfortunately, I met many students who already applied to the wrong schoolFor example, there were a number of students studying on courses that were not suitable to their future job and WORSE, I met students in universities that were ranked much lower than their GPA ability.  

For example, a student with a GPA of 80% entered a university that was NOT in the QS top 100 or even top 150? I am surprised about this. I even get my students with 75% in QS top 100 schools. So, if you have any problems, find me now! Don't waste time!

I provide VIP help. This means that the help is extremely specific and suits your needs.

I also provide help with IELTking for IELTS, CorrectionKing for your writing and DreamStudy, to take you to the best school.

Good luck,

Teacher Stephen


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