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About ME

I always continue to read books for improving writing and have a sharp linguistic ability.  My close colleagues also take English seriously and I always strive for perfection in my work! 

My background began with a diploma that involved writing projects and coursework, while I also completed a number of pieces for my colleagues which gave me a reputation as the college Writing King. 

Following going to Exeter for my bacholar's and completing my own 20,000 word dissertation, I completed a Cambridge University linked CELTA course. After teaching for a number of years in Taiwan, I returned to Exeter to complete my master's degree in Teacher English as a Foreign Lanugage. I adapted my classes to everything I do now.
While studying, I was always teaching English to private students and proof-reading and editing various works that was sent to me online.  At university, I would also edit other people's work which strengthened by ability further!

When I went to Taiwan, I worked at National ChengKung University (NCKU) teaching English and also teaching English classes, resume classes and writing classes (at the National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) for the MBA course, respectively.
Following working for a number of organizations, I continued correcting SOP and CVs, but also got many scholarships for my students and got them into great universities, including Cambridge, and helped them to pass the speaking inteviews too. You know I saved students so much money on scholarships and my advice also saved so much money for so many students.

Now, if you need help with your:
a/ University application (advice and for me to apply)
d/ Writing at university
e/ Remember - I do USA applications, too! With the highest quality resume and SOP. I promise that I do a better job than the leading American company in Taiwan because I have seen their awful SOPs and reference letters. I cannot believe such awful companies exist. Please don't waste your time with those companies.

For help, please contact my consultant at:
The price will depend on the work load as a VIP service carries a cost. The value is better if you calculate the result. Do not forget the scholarships my students gained!
Thank you.

Stephen Charles
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