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I offer many services for writing your CV/RESUME and SOP... there are too many services, so please SEND ME YOUR CV/RESUME/SOP and explain what you require to and we will help you.

There is more information below:


You need to know the best university to go to.

I know which university you should go to and I know how to get you in.

For all degrees, including PhD's, I can get you to the best degree for you. 

Just write and let me help you.
Service 2. Resume/CV & SOP


I can create the best SOP for you that can help you get into a variety of high level universities, but a high level CV/resume is important to explain where you need to start from.

Making a CV requires high level skill and please remember, I taught how to design and make them at NCKU and STUT in Taiwan (the latter to business students). 

An example of a few universities my students are now in include:

Imperial, LSE, UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, and Manchester.


If your GPA is not high or there is some problem, I can still explain and let you know if you have a chance to enter the university of your dreams.  Even though international officers have told students that they cannot enter universities like Manchester, my students have still gone there based on the high level SOP and RESUME/CV I created!

Service 3. University Interview help

The questions for interviewing are hard to get hold of. 

I have most of them and I have advanced speaking strategies to help you pass.

Classes can be arranged face to face or online, so don't worry. 

Please remember, I provide homework and specialised advice.

My classes are specialised and you should ask for more information. However, please go to for more information on IELTS.
Service 5. Coursework and dissertation/thesis COMPLETE EDITING and PROFESSIONAL HELP

This is a special service and it is BETTER than any other service because I WILL ONLY charge you for the areas that need to be edited.  For the other parts, I will only charge you by the fee for proof-reading.  

Also, you can choose how much extra money you would like to spend o editing and I will use that extra time to do the best job I can.  With any additional or extra money, it will be sent back to you.

I want to be the best, and so I don't want to let you down!
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